Lasting Foundations

by | Nov 17, 2020

Penrose’s Purpose is to Empower the Pursuit of Meaning, and from our early days we have aimed to support this through creating new and better worlds. Whether flying through Allumette’s cloud city or exploring deep sea mysteries with Meena, we have yearned to imagine a future that is strange yet humanly-familiar. We also developed Maestro ultimately to enable our users to build our virtual worlds together with us.

A New Partnership

Today, we are pleased to announce Penrose’s partnership with Forte, a blockchain platform working to address the growing misalignment between virtual economies and user experience. Their sophisticated developer platform provides valuable infrastructure as Penrose lays new economic foundations for our virtual worlds.

Our partnership is a natural evolution, forged with the ultimate goal of creating a long-term, healthy dynamic between creators and users. The relatively short history of multiplayer virtual worlds has made it obvious that sources of value — regardless of whether we call them Bells (Animal Crossing), Tritanium (EVE Online), or Victory Royale (Fortnite) — have enormous impact on the fundamental workings of a world.

Virtual worlds based on a real economy between real human users hold extraordinary potential. Blockchain can be one of the tools to enable such a system to be sustainable because a decentralized and immutable ledger can enable networked economic activity at scale. Users are empowered to have a true sense of ownership, thereby building trust and enabling lasting stability. However, this potential will take time, because blockchain, like TCP/IP, is a foundational technology. While it may take decades to gestate, the groundwork can be laid today.

People are rightly wary of blockchain products, and there have been many examples of bad behavior from unruly actors. This is a tale that is staled by repetition, for many financial innovations have undergone similar cycles that have eventually led to positive, long-term productivity. We believe virtual worlds will be a valuable sandbox for innovations that can ultimately lead to a better future, and we aim to lay solid foundations by working towards an enduring vision.

To help us in this journey, we are actively in the process of recruiting the best talent out there:

  1. Server Engineer
  2. Blockchain Engineer

We are excited about this next phase of Penrose’s growth, and we are grateful to our friends for supporting us on this adventure as we continue to pursue our purpose to Empower the Pursuit of Meaning.