Empowering The Pursuit of Meaning

by | Feb 5, 2020

It is with excitement that we announce a fresh direction and new brand for Penrose.

Now and again, it is healthy for a company to evaluate the course of its journey, and recently, our team completed our annual offsite. We came away with enduring memories as well as a renewed and clarified sense of our purpose and principles.

We are therefore pleased to present our new logo and brand identity. 


Reflecting on the years since our company’s founding, we are humbled by the myriad adventures we have been grateful and honored to be a part of, some of which are below.

Even more, each represents unforgettable human experiences of ambition, responsibility, and courage. Whether it’s the team staying up all night in advance of Allumette‘s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival; or the technical feat of our virtual beings mocap performance at Web Summit presenting to thousands live; or flying from the Venice Film Festival to SF, only to fly right back to Venice on the surprise notification that Arden’s Wake had just won the first-ever Lion for Best VR in official competition. We have memories that will last us a lifetime, and in many ways, we’re only at the beginning.

Among other things, the spheres of our new logo represent Penrose’s ever-expanding array of worlds and universes, both in the past and to come.

We have much more in store this year, and we can’t wait to share what’s next. Cheers to 2020 and beyond.