Penrose Studios crafts ground-breaking immersive stories, and needs your help building a platform for this new artistic medium. We need a Surfacer to create the look of our virtual reality stories that immerse viewers in our worlds.


  • Develop and implement appearance of the texture, color, and material properties of objects.
  • Develop shaders using a wide range of techniques and resources, including 2D / 3D texture painting, procedural signals, reuse and modification of existing shading functions, and the creation of original algorithmic work.
  • Able to paint textures in programs like Adobe Photoshop or Substance Painter.
  • Work which may be expressed as drawings, paintings, photographs and motion picture references and/or actual reference objects or location.
  • Works closely with production designers and directors to iterate on the desired look.
  • Maintains asset stability for downstream departments.


  • Experience using 3D animation software.
  • Must be able to apply UV’s in modelling software packages such as Maya.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Graphics programming, including: Maya, Houdini, Unreal, Unity.
  • Experience writing shaders with any major shading language (osl, rsl, glsl, C++).
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Animation or Fine Arts preferred, though not required.

Reel Qualifications

  • Work should exhibit a strong emphasis on surface history, demonstrating knowledge of how materials interact, change, and respond to illumination — color, composition, and render quality will also be evaluated.
  • Reel should include both turntables and animated shots; material and layer breakdowns a plus. Personal artwork may be included, if relevant.

 Penrose is based in San Francisco, and also operates remotely.