Research Analyst

Penrose Studios crafts ground-breaking immersive worlds, games and stories, and needs your help understanding and shaping the fundamentals of an evolving industry. We need a research analyst to find and use data as well as apply intellectual frameworks for research reports for both internal and external consumption.


  • Proprietary research on frontier technologies involving finding existing data sets or formulating new ones to form the basis for new insights.
  • Utilizing data to create data visualizations for use in research reports.
  • Writing research reports for potentially both internal and external consumption utilizing primary and secondary research, as well as driving conclusions in a data-driven way.
  • Align with internal teams to create and discover new levers, channels and strategies to grow and engage the user base.
  • Work with internal team to conduct consumer testing to identify, analyze and deliver insights for feature development and optimization.
  • Develop and implement metric hooks and tracking tools for the product and use data to drive decisions for feature optimization and future feature development.
  • Drive monetization strategy to maximize engagement and revenue.


  • 3-5 years of experience in proprietary research on the buyside (hedge funds or private equity), management consulting, Wall Street research, big data, quantitative analysis, data visualization or similar field.
  • Very high degree of expertise in Microsoft Excel, as well as SQL databases and tools such as Tableau.
  • Deep understanding of conceptual frameworks (e.g. Porter’s Five Forces), and ability to apply data to the execution of practical applications.
  • Able to approach complex problems and convert them into simple and elegant solutions.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and outstanding communication skills.
  • Avid interest in the possibilities of frontier technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality.

 Penrose is based in San Francisco, and also operates remotely.