CG Rigger

Penrose Studios crafts ground-breaking immersive stories, and needs your help building a platform for this new artistic medium. Penrose is looking for riggers/character technical directors to artfully mold 3D models into movable and appealing characters in the new mediums of Virtual and Augmented Reality.


  • Design, create, test and maintain character rigs/setups.
  • Work with the modelers to create a model that meets technical needs.
  • Collaborate with animators to design motion controls.
  • Develop and maintain character motion and deformation systems.
  • Capable of writing pipeline tools to streamline the setup process.
  • Develop new techniques and processes to solve character production challenges.
  • Consistently meet production goals as assigned by Production Management.


  • Minimum of 4 years of rigging experience in Film, Television, or Video Game production
  • A thorough understanding of anatomy, bio-mechanics, skinning and topology to produce appealing deformations
  • Proficient with Maya and/or equivalent 3D program.
  • Scripting skills in Maya API, MEL scripting, Python and/or equivalents
  • Experience with setting up production pipelines while being able to follow guidelines
  • Real time engine experience preferred (such as Unity, Unreal Engine 4)
  • Additional experience with Animation, 3D modeling, and/or Texturing is a plus
  • Experience with mo-cap animation pipelines is a plus
  • Avid interest in the possibilities of Virtual Reality
  • Self-motivated, excellent communicator, and a great team-player attitude
  • Solid and consistent time-management skills.

 Penrose is based in San Francisco, and also operates remotely.