Production Supervisor

Penrose Studios crafts ground-breaking immersive stories, and needs your help building a platform for this new artistic medium. 


Schedule and Workflow:

  • Works with Creative Leads to meet overall production scheduling and budget requirements and helps to ensure the budget and scheduling are updated as changes are made to the film’s production flow and/or staffing profile. Understands how changes may affect the budget, scheduling and overtime.
  • Looks ahead to ensure that weekly quotas, department milestones & inventory expectations are met. Strategizes with Department Leads to resolve any productivity and/or inventory issues.
  • Collaborates with Department Leads to ensure the complexity of work is consistent with department budget and schedule. Strategizes with Department Leads on how to resolve any complexity overages.
  • Collaborates with Department Leads to develop and manage department workflow process.
  • Develops and manages internal department schedules and staffing requirements. Creates list of critical assumptions and highlights any vulnerabilities.
  • Creates and maintains reports that clearly illustrate department and individual artist productivity.
  • Collaborates with Department Leads to cast assignments and issue deadlines to artists.
  • Performs walk-arounds to check in with the crew.
  • Attends Director approvals and helps to drive this meeting.

Mentoring and Staffing:

  • Primary production person within department and supervises and mentors Production Coordinators and Production Assistants for that dept.
  • Partners with Department Leads to coach, mentor and give performance feedback. Drives review process and delivers reviews.
  • Partners with Department Leads to manage conflict within the department and partners with Human Resources regarding disciplinary procedures. Documents conflicts and provides progress updates to Human Resources.
  • May work with the Training Department to set up training for crew.
  • Supports and represents directives from the studio and/or production leadership.
  • Assists Studio Executives and Production Management with handling transitions.
  • May be involved in the interviewing, hiring process and deal negotiations.

Morale and Communication:

  • Responsible for maintaining crew morale.
  • Represents Department in weekly production meetings. Reports department progress and discusses solutions to any issues impeding the department.
  • Partners with the Department Leads to manage, motivate and create an environment conducive to achieving quotas and artistic achievements.

 Penrose is based in San Francisco, and also operates remotely.